Interoperability and Standards Glossary

GML Geography Markup Language. GML is an XML encoding for the transport and storage of geographic information, including both the spatial and non-spatial properties of geographic features
LBS Location-Based Services. Location-Based Services employ real-time positioning technologies and networked resources to enable a wide variety of applications, such as emergency response, personal navigator, traffic information service, and others.
OGC OGC Web Map Server. A server responding to OGC Web Map Service requests to produce maps of georeferenced data. The OGC specification of the Web Map Service defines three WMS operations: GetCapabilities, GetMap, and (optional) GetFeatureInfo.
OGC WMS-SLD OGC Web Map Server with Styled Layer Descriptor support. An extension of the OGC WebMap Server used to support a Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD). SLD allows retrieving features from a Web Feature Service and applies explicit styling information provided by the user in order to render a map.
OGC WFS OGC Web Feature Server. A server responding to OGC Web Feature Service requests to retrieve geospatial data encoded in Geography Markup Language (GML). The OGC Web Feature Server implements read-only operations: GetCapabilities, DescribeFeatureType and GetFeature.
OGC WFS-T OGC Web Feature Server with Transactional extension. A transactional web feature service supports all the operations of a basic web feature service and also supports the Transaction and the (optional) LockFeature operations. The OGC Web Feature Server Transactional implements these read-write operations.
OpenLS OGC OpenLS Initiative. The OpenLS initiative is devoted to the development of interface specifications that facilitate the use of location and other forms of spatial information in the wireless Internet environment. The initiative strives to obtain the Open Location Services Platform, which is comprised of OpenLS Core Services.
OpenLS Core Services

OpenLS Core Services incorporate the following services:

  • Gateway Services that integrate OpenLS location application services with position determination equipment
  • Directory services for searching yellow pages, green pages, travel guides, and so on.
  • Route determination services for navigation.
  • Geocode (address to X,Y) and reverse geocode (X,Y to address) services.
  • Map/feature display services.
XML eXtended Markup Language. An industry standard for describing and structuring data in a platform-neutral and vendor-neutral way. It is free, extensible and ubiquitous.
XLS Xml for open Location-based Services. XLS is an XML encoding for the transport and storage of geographic information in application to the location-based services.