Find Content on the Geography Network

There are three ways to find content available through the Geography Network.

Geography Network Explorer

The best way to find content is with the Geography Network Explorer. The Explorer enables users to search for content based on specific criteria (e.g. area of interest, type of content) or browse for content from specific publishers.

Search for Content

Search for content in just 3 simple steps:

Define Search Area: The red box on the search map defines your search area. You can either draw a box on the map around your area of interest or enter a place name and select a place from the results.
Define Search Criteria: To refine your search, you can select the type of content, select the data theme, or enter a keyword for your search.
Click Search Button: Select the Search NSDI Clearinghouse option to extend your search to other NSDI Clearinghouse nodes.


Browse for Content

Search for content in just 3 simple steps:

Featured Publishers: Click one of the featured publishers to view their content.

All Publishers: Select one of the publishers to view their content.

Featured Content: Select one of the featured content records to access it directly.


Geography Network Web Site

The Geography Network CanadaWeb site is organized by the major types of content that are available. Each of the Web site sections (i.e. Maps, Data) contains pages that list the specific content you can access. For example, the Data section contains pages on data services and clearinghouses that list these types of content.