How To Participate

The Geography Network Canada will provide access to a wide range of geographic content from static map images to dynamic map services, from downloadable data to data clearinghouses. If you have geographic content that you are interested in sharing with others, we invite you to join us as part of the Geography Network Canada. By joining, you can:

  • Help promote greater public access to, and understanding of, geographic information.
  • Gain nationwide exposure for your geographic content.
  • Enhance the value of your maps and data by integrating them with other Geography Network Canada sources.

Join the Geography Network Today!

There are two ways to provide content through the Geography Network.

  1. Geography Network Publisher: Publish map services using an Internet mapping system that users may view online and/or download.
  2. Geography Network Contributor: Publish links to geographic data and maps that users may access and download from the Internet.

To become a Geography Network publisher, perform the two steps below. If you would like to be a contributor, you need only perform the second step.

1. Publish a Map Service over the Internet

The first step is to implement an Internet Map Server that speaks one of the languages used by the Geography Network, either ArcXML or WMS. This can be done using ESRI's ArcIMS or other Internet Map Server software that understands either ArcXML or WMS. Use your Internet Map Server software to author and publish map services with your geographic data. A map service can contain a single data layer (e.g., parcels, streets, or imagery) or a collection of complementary data layers. You design the precise map content that you want others to see and publish it as an image, feature, or data download service.

2. Register Your Content on the Geography Network Canada Site

Once you have published your map service, or identified other geographic content you'd like to publish, you are ready to register it on the Geography Network Canada Web site. You will be asked to fill out a basic profile on your organization so it can be accurately represented in the Publisher list. You can then enter information about your content so users can easily find and evaluate your offerings. Your registration information is always available for you to update as needed.

Once your content is registered and reviewed, it will become part of the Geography Network Canada!

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