How to Use the Geography Network Canada

The Geography Network Canada provides access to geographic content from hundreds of organizations around the world. The content ranges from "live" map services that can be viewed online to static geographic data sets that can be downloaded for use with mapping software. Here you can learn how to find content available through the Geography Network Canada, use content that you have found, or publish content from your organization in the Geography Network Canada.

Types of Content

The Geography Network includes many types of geographic content, including those listed below. For more information, please refer to the detailed description of Geography Network Canada Content.

  • Map Services: "live" map published over the Internet
  • Data Services: map service for which you can download the data
  • GIS Web Services: geoprocessing tools for application developers
  • Solutions: custom built online applications for end-users
  • Map Data Files: geographic data for your mapping system
  • Map Image Files: static map images that you can download
  • Clearinghouses: web sites offering data and maps

Learn how to...

Find Data on the Geography Network Canada

Use Data on the Geography Network Canada

Publish Data on the Geography Network Canada